Capital Equipment Cost = Maintenance Costs over 5 Years


Invest in the best equipment  & ensure engineers are proficient, trained and diligent

Spare Parts…

Genuine Original Parts are the best guarantee for compatibility reliability and efficiency

Speed of Service…

Ensure you have contingency for the event of a major failure if your business depends on compressed air

Compressed Air Equipment Care
& Installation


The devil’s in the detail!

Your compressed air installation is unique. Customer’s equipment mix, operational conditions, running hours, service regimes and applications vary infinitely.

To this end, The Rodwell Compressor Company invest significantly in service management software and expertise to ensure we offer a fast, effective and proficient service.

We do our utmost to ensure we detail every aspect of your installation such as equipment itinerary logs, serial numbers, hours run and predicted service schedules.

By doing this you have peace of mind that we’ll carry out exactly the right amount of required work. No more. No Less.

Our Software and Paperwork systems facilitate optimum reporting which are kept on electronic files indefinitely after each and every visit. This record keeping is essential to detect incident patterns to predict and prevent possible future breakdowns and major repairs.


It’s no hidden secret that there is a lack of skilled mobile engineers in the U.K. and compressed air is no exception.

The Rodwell Compressor Company take every necessary care when recruiting so you can be confident that the engineer will make every effort to service and repair diligently and efficiently.

The Rodwell Engineering Group are completely dedicated to training engineers to become the very best they can be. We have a policy of training our own apprentice trained engineers from base level, so those factory-based engineers that show promise and have the right skillsets are given the opportunity to progress to a compressor service engineer, fully supported by the manufacturers we represent.


Our engineers are all equipped with large well equipped service vans. This gives more flexibility of on-board compressor spares stock, tools and equipment and allows us to collect or deliver medium sized compressors in an emergency.

Ad-Hoc Service & Repair

If you currently have another service provider and have doubts about the level of service they are providing, why not try Rodwell out on a ad-hoc visit before committing?

We are only as good as the information that is provided, so key information such as full machine details and serial number are essential for working towards a first call fix.

Technology is there for us all take full advantage. You’re welcome to email a photo or WhatsApp a video so we can advise a solution before sending an engineer to effect repairs.

Planned Service & Maintenance

Planned maintenance by experienced qualified engineers maximises value and extends the life of your equipment considerably.

Once set up, we will create a unique ‘service item’ for every compressor, dryer including filter sets and ancillary on your system. This enables us to plan, order and allocate the necessary spares resource in advance of your service visit.

Not every visit will be the same. Service requirements can vary dependent on hours run e.g.

  • 2000 hour compressor service
  • 4000 hour compressor service
  • 6000 hour compressor service
  • 8000 hour compressor service
    …..and so on
  • Filters, Dryers & Oil Water Separators Annually.

All service work will be as-per manufacturer’s recommendations with some added common sense which may be more or less dependent on usage and weather conditions.

Emergency Breakdowns

In peak periods such as excessively hot or cold weather, our out of hours resources can be limited. So Rodwell Planned Service Customers always benefit from priority treatment than Ad-Hoc call out customers.

System Upgrades & Improvements

At time of service visit, our engineers may be able to identify remedial work which could save you money, increase efficiency or prolong the life of your equipment or machinery which depends on compressed air.

Installation & Pipework

No Air No Productivity. Most production businesses cannot operate without compressed air, so the compressor installation should never be an after-thought.

Our experienced team can advise on the best location and plan your installation for optimum efficiency and reliability.

Key Advantages of our Expert Installation Service

  • Pipework can be positioned and fixed in a logical and aesthetically pleasing way that really showcases your facility.
  • Waste Condensate from filters, drains and dryers should be piped to a common oil-water separator to ensure you fulfil your legal and environmental obligations as well as keeping the area much cleaner and oil-free.
  • Waste heat can be utilised via warm air ducting or a heat exchanger to heat water for your processes or central heating system. Payback on utilising waste heat is usually well within one year.
  • Installation using the most modern systems which can be disassembled, adjusted
  • Pre-fabrication work at our factory can minimise onsite installation time.
  • Complete Compressor House Packages using modified freight containers or modular flatpack buildings.
  • Faster Installation rather than trying to attempt the work yourself to allow you to focus on your business.
  • Equipment positioned in the most optimum
  • Installation can be included with the overall package price and financed with easy monthly payments
  • Is your old inefficient compressor still working? Consider investing in a replacement now before it packs up, but then keep it for use as an emergency back-up to help guarantee zero downtime well into