Installation & Pipework

No Air No Productivity. Most production businesses cannot operate without compressed air, so the compressor installation should never be an after-thought.

Our experienced team can advise on the best location and plan your installation for optimum efficiency and reliability.

Key Advantages of our Expert Installation Service

  • Pipework can be positioned and fixed in a logical and aesthetically pleasing way that really showcases your facility.
  • Waste Condensate from filters, drains and dryers should be piped to a common oil-water separator to ensure you fulfil your legal and environmental obligations as well as keeping the area much cleaner and oil-free.
  • Waste heat can be utilised via warm air ducting or a heat exchanger to heat water for your processes or central heating system. Payback on utilising waste heat is usually well within one year.
  • Installation using the most modern systems which can be disassembled, adjusted
  • Pre-fabrication work at our factory can minimise onsite installation time.
  • Complete Compressor House Packages using modified freight containers or modular flatpack buildings.
  • Faster Installation rather than trying to attempt the work yourself to allow you to focus on your business.
  • Equipment positioned in the most optimum
  • Installation can be included with the overall package price and financed with easy monthly payments
  • Is your old inefficient compressor still working? Consider investing in a replacement now before it packs up, but then keep it for use as an emergency back-up to help guarantee zero downtime well into